About Us

Randall H. Harms, Regional President, USA.

Randall H. Harms
Regional President, USA.

The Chartered Institute of Corporate Management & Strategic Planning was chartered in Texas, United States of America to develop, promote and regulate the practice of Corporate Management and Strategic Planning, through education and training, (periodic courses, seminars, examinations and conferences), at local and international levels.

The Institute aims to develop the analytical abilities of Administrators, Chief Executives, Managers, Small Business Owners and Supervisors towards effective decision-making.

Membership of the Institute guarantees one the broad and thorough knowledge of problem-solving techniques, equipping him with effective and strategic decision-making responsibilities in modern Business, commerce and industry.

manmanIIThe Chartered Institute of Corporate Management & Strategic Planning membership has been designed to exhaustively equip members with different applications of Corporate Management and Strategic Planning.

The Institute will facilitate and support corporate management and strategic planning relationships among Members by providing a forum for constant interactions, deliberations and understanding; through periodic conferences, National and International Leadership Tour-Packages.

The quarterly publication of the institute “MANAGEMENT STRATEGY” is used for the dissemination of information on business news, products/services, business opportunities, and other classified information necessary for the promotion of the objectives of the institute.